With the close of the year bounding towards us in a blur of twinkling lights and too many glasses of red wine, it’s easy to start looking back over 2014 and doing a whole load of ‘shoulding’. You know, “I should have left my job”, or “I should have told him”, or “I should have said no”, or “I should have started going to the gym way back in February when I said I would”.

Sigh. I feel you. I’ve been doing some shoulding over the last few days too.

We all do it.

Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little bit.

Sometimes so much that we can barely see past the gut wretchedness of regret and the exhausting merry-go-round of inertia.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is not as good as it gets, you know.

You can start now.
You don’t have to wait until January to change.
You can stop waiting for perfection to arrive.

Because, well, it won’t (but you already know this).

The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

with this in mind,
I’m wondering:
Are the decisions you’re making in your life based on things you think you should be doing, or things you actually want to be doing?

(Because there’s a HUGE difference).

What is it that you want for 2015?



ps: I recently went on the radio to talk about, well, all sorts (including my childhood phobia of E.T). Yup. The alien film. I was so nervous, but yo, I did it, because I didn’t want going on the radio to be one of the things I should have done in 2014, but didn’t. It was actually so much fun – you can listen to it below: