If you’re waiting for someone to come along and hand you a golden key that will gently unlock the door to your dream job, you’re going to be waiting a long time. There is no golden key, you know. But there’s still a door, and you’re going to have to hammer it down with emails and letters and phone calls to land that job (as well as a strong self-belief that you can nail anything and everything you put your mind to). Because you can.

You have hundreds of words inside your mind and if you let go a little, they will tumble and flow into the book you keep telling everyone you will write one day. But it will take time and commitment and WORK. You’re going to have to sit there, day after day, staring at a blank screen and getting irritated with yourself. But it will be worth it, because when the words eventually arrive – (they will) – and they form actual sentences other people will read and learn from and love, you’ll probably feel the most alive you’ve ever felt.

If you’re living in a house with a white picket fence, beautiful furniture and suburban steadiness, but what you actually want is white-knuckle unsteadiness and living under the radar, you can have it. You can! It’s all there, waiting. Your life will continue to pass no matter what you choose to do. You do not have to paint that picket fence white. You don’t have to sit on the same train every day. You can stay in bed and eat ice-cream and build a business online in your pyjamas. You can jump out of aeroplanes. You can do meaningful work that warms your heart and makes a difference to people’s lives. You can wake up every day in a caravan free from mortgage payments.

You have a choice. Always.

The rules are yours to re-write over and over. You make the decisions.


You have a choice.


You always have.

And you always will.