If you’re a coach looking for somewhere to safely celebrate your successes, navigate challenges and learn from fellow coaches, you’ve found the right place.

Welcome to Group Supervision for Coaches.

My eyes on your client work while also leaning into the combined knowledge and experience of the group to help you navigate tricky situations and bumps in the road that working with clients inevitably brings. Together, we’ll discuss the recent sessions you’ve had with your clients, examine your coaching approaches, and evaluate the effectiveness of them. With mine and the group’s guidance, suggestions and feedback, you’ll gain deeper insights into your coaching practice, identify areas for growth, and develop strategies for improvement.

I’ve been a certified coach since 2013, running a full-time coaching practice, as well as hosting workshops and training in and around Europe. I’m an accredited coach and supervisor, and yet beyond the qualifications hung on my wall, it’s been regular coaching supervision that has had the most invaluable impact on my coaching practice. Through reflective, insightful discussions with my supervisor, I’ve gained profound insights into not only how I show up in my work as a coach, but how I show up as a human being. It’s safe to say that supervision has amplified the impact of my coaching interventions, leading to more meaningful and transformative experiences for my clients.

What you can expect from Group Supervision:

  • Accountability and Consistency: We’ll meet once a month for 6 months. This frequency is important for several reasons. Monthly supervision creates a consistent rhythm, enabling you to reflect on your coaching practice and address any challenges, questions or thoughts that have come up for you in the time between our sessions together. Additionally, the monthly format allows for ample time between sessions to implement new strategies, apply insights gained, and experiment with different coaching techniques. It strikes a balance between providing enough space for growth and development while maintaining steady and focused support.

  • Collective Wisdom: Group Supervision brings together a diverse group of coaches, each with their own unique perspectives, approaches and experiences within the coaching world. By being part of it, you’ll have the opportunity to tap into the wonderful wisdom of the group, benefiting from a range of ideas, strategies, and solutions that can enhance your coaching practice.

  • Belonging and Connection: Being a coach can often feel incredibly lonely and it can be challenging to stay motivated and focused when your only colleague is your dog or worse, your partner who zones out the moment you start talking about your work. Group Supervision provides a supportive environment where you can get to know other coaches (and me), share your experiences and keep up with the newest developments in the coaching world.
  • Continuous Learning: Through discussions, client case studies and sharing real-life experiences, you’ll gain new insights, acquire fresh knowledge, and develop a broader understanding of coaching techniques, tools, and methodologies.
  • Increased Self-awarenes: Confused as to why at the end of each session with that particular client you feel like you want to burn your business down to the ground? Group supervision will help you delve deeper into your own psychology, shining a light on your very human—and coaching —blind spots.
  • Ethical Guidance: Not sure how to navigate the tricky situation you’ve found yourself in with your client? Do you have a felt sense that a line is being crossed somewhere, but you can’t put your finger on what it is? The supervision group is a place to share these conflicts and to receive guidance, support and bucket-loads of compassion.
  • Expanded Network: Yes, yes, I know that networking probably makes you want to hide under your desk, but fear not, Group Supervision allows you to get to know other coaches in your orbit without all the weird hand shaking and having to perfect your “elevator pitch”. Being part of a friendly and knowledgeable group of coaches can be invaluable for expanding your coaching practice, collaborations and well, finding some friends who don’t roll their eyes when you want to talk about the latest fascinating and spangly coaching model.
  • Confidentiality and Trust: The foundations of Group supervision are solidly built on confidentiality and trust. Knowing that you have a place to openly discuss client challenges, share sensitive information, and receive feedback about the coaching session last week that felt a little “off” without fear of judgment is exactly what most coaches need.
Nope. But I recommend you do. Studies have shown that coaches who engage in regular supervision report higher levels of self-awareness, confidence, and satisfaction in their coaching practice (which also means a higher likelihood of deeply satisfied clients!) Being part of the coaching supervision group will provide a safe, reflective and developmental process for you to bring your coaching work (messy bits welcome), gain new insights, explore ethical dilemmas, and receive feedback to continuously improve your practice.

My Coaching Supervision group is currently underway but I’ll be starting a second group in a few months time. If you’d like to be part of the next group, or you’re keen to find out more information, follow this link pop your details in the box below and you’ll be hearing from me very soon.

Being part of the coaching supervision group gives you access to diverse perspectives and collective wisdom of your fellow coaches, the opportunity to learn from shared experiences, the development of a supportive professional network, and the accountability and motivation that comes from participating in a group committed to your professional growth. What more could you want?
The coaching supervision group meets once a month.
£65 a month for 6 months (you are welcome to pay this over 6x £65 installments or in full upon booking).

Attending every group coaching supervision session is highly recommended, but I get it – shit happens! I understand that sometimes you might have a clash with other commitments or unexpected events. While I definitely encourage turning up for each session to fully benefit from the support, learning, and group connection, I won’t send a search party if you miss a session or two. You just need to give me a heads-up in advance if you can’t make it, so everyone is in the loop.

During the coaching supervision sessions, you can expect a combination of group discussions, case studies, experiential exercises, and feedback from the supervisor (me!) and your fellow group members. The sessions will provide opportunities for reflection, exploration of ethical dilemmas, skill development, and practical strategies to enhance your coaching effectiveness. The exact structure and content may vary based on the specific needs and goals of the group.
Absolutely! It doesn’t even matter if you have zero clients! In fact, coaching supervision can be incredibly beneficial, particularly at this stage of your coaching practice. While you may have a smaller, or no, client load, supervision offers valuable opportunities for learning, self-reflection, and skill development. Even with just one client, you can still gain insights, receive feedback, and explore various coaching techniques within the group setting. Additionally, participating in a coaching supervision group provides you with a supportive community of fellow coaches who can offer diverse perspectives and support your business growth. By engaging in supervision early on, you can establish a solid foundation, refine your coaching skills, and set a strong trajectory for future success as your coaching practice grows.
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My time working with Liz has been invaluable. As a coach myself, I needed a mixture of fantastic coaching and practical, useful mentoring tips, tools and advice. I got all of this and more! At a time when I was navigating the twists and turns of building my own coaching practice, Liz was always an honest, uplifting and knowledgeable side-kick. She dug deep when it was needed, challenged me when necessary, and gave me a whole host of straight-talking feedback along the way. Thanks so much, Liz; your support has been awesome!
Jo, Hampshire