I get a lot of emails from people enquiring about what kind of coach I am, and how I intend to help.  I love these emails. I want to hug these emails and invite them round to my house so we can drink wine together and put the world to rights. At their core, they give me a chance to lay out the ground work, because while I’m good at what I do, I’m not actually for everyone. And since I always want the best for you, let me slap the facts on the table:

Sometimes, I struggle too. (Surprise!) Life is hard sometimes, and since I’m human, I’m not immune to the wily little bastards that come ‘round to rain on my proverbial parade. Some days, I want to crawl back into bed and marathon Netflix documentaries, thoroughly avoiding adulting. Some days I compare myself obsessively to other people. (Spoiler alert: No one wins at this game.) And some days, I spend all my time looking at how we’re wired so we can short the system and reboot.

My coaching process does not involve a quick-fix, 10 step plan. I go deep. Our sessions together will be a safe place for you to show up with all your fascinating and messy and complicated humanness. Moving forward means straight-up honesty from me, and I pinky promise that getting underneath the surface excuses and digging into the real stuff is the ticket to helping what’s hurting you.

I keep you accountable. If you say you’re going to do something, I’ll absolutely check in to see if you followed through. Trust me—I know it’s easy to say you’ll do something…and then really fucking hard to actually do it. I help you close that gap up tight.

My coaching draws from an integrated range of psychologically-grounded coaching frameworks, philosophies and techniques such as Person-Centred Theory, Transactional Analysis, Solution-Focused Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Coaching and Mindfulness. This means that I don’t use any questionable pop-psychology tools and techniques and will never, ever guarantee you an overnight six-figure income from working 2 hours a days on a beach in Bali. (Remember how I promised I’d never lie to you? I’ll never lie to you.)

I’m hopeful, but not delusional. This means I work with reality, and if you’ve got a mortgage and 3 kids, I won’t tell you to quit your job to become a full-time knitter of tiny hats for squirrels. Instead of expecting you to shake it all up, throw out stability and dive into the centre of a volcano to find yourself, we’ll work with what you’ve got and make changes that’ll put you back in charge of your life.

I give “Inspirational Quotes” the side-eye. All those pretty quotes on Pinterest telling you to just Think! Your Way! Happy! can go take a hike straight to hell. Ultimately, all those top-of-the-mountain quotes make us feel bad for being who we are and feeling how we feel. Instead of shouting mantras at you, my coaching focuses on why you’re thinking the way you are, what happens as a result, and how we can put work into those patterns to push forward.

I don’t edit myself. I swear when I write and I sometimes swear during coaching. Bottom line? I’m the same person online, offline, and in a karaoke bar. (And who doesn’t love karaoke bars?!) You’ll get all of me, all of the time.