Supervision for Coaches: You’re not a terrible coach if you don’t always have your shit together.

You’ve helped heal shattered hearts, guide big next steps, and change people’s lives. No small feat! But even though you can expertly navigate everyone else’s mess doesn’t mean you’re not dealing with some messy stuff in your own coaching practice too.

Needing support doesn’t make you weird.
Or weak.
Or any less of an incredible coach.
In fact, it makes you better.

The thing is, coaching can often feel like you’re stuck on a lonely island. Despite it being the business you’ve worked your bum off for (and you genuinely love it!) Because of its confidential nature, it’s only natural to feel like you’re hoicking around a giant backpack of client work looking for somewhere you can put it down for a moment and unpack it all in peace. Sound familiar? Throw in the fact that you’re talking your clients through heavy stuff on the regular, and it’s a perfect storm for:

  • Convincing yourself you’re actually terrible at your job after looking at other coaches’ shiny websites — and their equally shiny hair. (What Instagram filter IS that?!)

  • Feeling stirred up by your client’s “stuff” and having no idea where to invest that unsettled energy so you pick at your cuticles some more and wonder how the hell anyone else is making this work. Flailing about in the vast sea of Imposter Syndrome and drowning under the pressing weight of “WHO AM I AS A COACH? WHAT DO I EVEN DO? AAAAAH!”

Bottom line? You’re helping clients find their way in the world, but your world is topsy turvy, too. This doesn’t mean you’re a bad coach. It means you’re very human.

And it’s not just you!

Meet Supervision for Coaches

What it is: Another pair of eyes (mine) on your client work to help you navigate tricky situations and bumps in the road. I’ll help you to understand your clients more deeply and reflect on both your own responses to them, and the coaching approaches you use to support them. Together we’ll work through your coaching dilemmas and share the weight of that backpack of client baggage.

What it is NOT: No 7-figure marketing bullcrap advice on how to attract eleventy billion clients through a crummy ebook no one will ever read.

Forget about the coaches that only ever share their shiny success stories! Instead, supervision with me is a safe, non-judgemental place to reflect on your coaching practice and dig into the messy, overwhelming and tricky bits that come part and parcel of being a coach. Why?

I’m a fully accredited coach and supervisor and have been running my full-time, in-demand coaching practice since 2013. In that time, I’ve built up over 9,000 hours of coaching experience.

Those thousands of coaching hours have exposed me to thousands of client problems and dilemmas – and as a result, I’ve implemented countless different methods and approaches in trying to help. But it’s not only client issues I’ve come up against over the years – I also know how it feels to be a bit lost in your approach as a coach.

And because I’ve been there, I can share my years of experience with you in a way that concretely helps you in your coaching practice. You’ll get hands-on support that you can implement right away. My approach is pragmatic but encouraging – I want you to feel both challenged and supported as we work together.

Liz has a great ability to hold the space so that you can easily reflect on difficult coaching sessions. You get to dive into the detail, and easily be vulnerable to quickly learn. I realised that some of the difficult coaching sessions I hadn’t really processed before supervision with Liz were inadvertently affecting my confidence so having the space to quickly work through these meant bouncing back confidently and quickly. Liz has a great process for supervision so that you get value by capturing your learnings with follow-up questions and reflection questions prior to supervision sessions.

Aoife, Ireland, Ama Results

Regain that in-control feeling over your coaching practice, especially if you’re:

  • 1
    Doubting the value you bring to your client work and secretly wondering if you should have trained to be a tree surgeon instead (because surely trees are easier to work with than actual humans?)
  • 2
    Struggling to connect with certain clients, or noticing that with that one particular client, you change the way you show up as a coach (this is called counter-transference and it’s FASCINATING!)
  • 3
    Wondering how the hell to process your own emotional responses to the wonderful (and sometimes full-on) work you’re doing with your clients.
  • 4

    Questioning whether you’re using the “right” techniques or approaches with your clients (after all, it ain’t all about S.M.A.R.T goals).

  • 5
    Struggling with how to balance your own self-care with your client care (a takeaway and early night might not be enough).
  • 6
    Facing ethical dilemmas in your client work and questioning what to do and where to go next.
  • 7
    Feeling increasingly frustrated when clients don’t seem to be getting the results they, or you, expected.
  • 8
    Worrying about not being culturally sensitive or inclusive enough in your coaching practice.
  • 9
    Feeling overwhelmed and burned out from the emotional demands of your work.
  • 10
    Getting lost in When/Then Land where you think, “When I get another qualification/I do another course, only then I’ll be a good enough coach.”
  • 11
    Struggling to find your OWN voice and brand as a coach, so you’re missing the confidence to work with the clients you’d really like to.

The only secret to success is you showing up as the brilliant coach you already are. Are you ready?