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First of all Liz is the shit. She knows what she’s doing, she’s a great listener, she keeps you accountable and she makes you laugh, all in the span of an hour. Working with her has made me felt safe, comfortable, secure and more human. I would recommend Liz to anyone. I’m so appreciative of the coaching sessions we had together.

Jodi, Los Angeles, USA

Over our nine sessions she was immensely supportive, providing me with a framework in which to work through my ideas and goals. Liz is amazing to have in your corner – she was very helpful in making sure I didn’t just think and talk about what I was going to do, but pushed me to make sure I put things in my calendar so they would actually happen and I could move forward! When I look back at where I was a few months ago to now, I really feel good about the work I’ve been able to do with her help, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a supportive, *real* coach.

Steph, Kitchener, Canada

Signing up (for coaching) was admittedly, the biggest first hurdle. I knew something needed to change in my life (and I had known for a while), but the routes ahead felt scary and unknown and my head was a confusion of arguments in every direction. I was nervous to begin coaching, to admit to myself that there was enough of an issue that I needed someone else to help me push forwardI shouldn’t have been worried. It was clear from my first session with Liz that this was going to be a great step in allowing me to sort through the explosion of thoughts spinning in my head. She made me confront my fears and while it took a good few sessions to really admit to myself why I was there, soon enough it became clear to me that the big change I feared was the only way forward. I had rarely sat and opened up to someone impartial, but Liz instantly puts you at ease. She is warm and open and makes you simply feel human and respected for your feelings, when my usual reaction to getting emotional is to just feel silly. She really helped me to take control by asking the right questions, picking my situation apart and understanding why I felt stuck. With her help I regained courage and became clearer and more optimistic in what lay in the  possible steps ahead so I could feel confident in making my own decisions to move along. I left every session feeling a little mentally lighter, and with a clearer focus on what I wanted. To have Liz on your journey, looking out for and checking in on you, gives your courage and comfort.

Katy, London, UK

Working with Liz has been a chance to put back some (lots of) happiness in my life – answering questions or finding the insights I needed to find back the joy that I had lost, and making sense again of work and love. Liz works with that wild combination of being fun, joyful and warm, but then also deep, insightful and able to gently kick your butt, so you can softly, joyfully, create the change you want to create.

Benoit, London, UK

I have loved my sessions with Liz. I started out with ideas, but also with chaos and confusion in my head and no clear plan of how to get where I wanted. Within the short time we worked together Liz helped me to identify what I really wanted; question a lot of the day to day stuff that wasn’t working and to overcome some specific obstacles that I’d had for many years. Liz has an incredible ability to cut to the heart of an issue, in a kind and gentle way. I felt she was on my side and she understood. I have benefited so much from working with Liz and thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Claire, London, UK

Working with Liz has been life-changing. I have developed new-found resilience, confidence and at long last, an ability to enjoy life. Liz picked up on deep-seated issues that I didn’t even realise existed and helped me to take ownership of those issues to get back to my true self. She has been a rock and so supportive, while simultaneously being honest and promoting what I can do and how. If you’re wobbling in life and need a practical, helping hand, Liz is absolutely the person you need in your corner. I will miss our sessions, but am ever grateful for the person Liz has enabled me to become and for her awesome, down-to-earth and pragmatic personality which never fails to inspire. Thank you Liz for all you do for your clients and for your kick-ass sessions!

Sarah, Worcester, UK

Working with Liz has been the best investment I’ve ever made. She empowered me to discover the deepest parts of myself and work through the things I’ve tried to hide from for years. She helped me develop actionable steps and held me accountable to what I said I want. Liz is right there with me through the ugly and the scary, gently pushing me forward. If you’re ready to dive deep and create lasting change-you need to work with Liz!

Mercedes, San Francisco, USA

You see the world for what it is and people for who they really are. You read between the lines and ask exactly the right questions at exactly the right times to bring those breakthrough moments. I felt like I could be myself in our sessions. I never felt judged. I’ll miss our talks.

Paula, Durham, UK

I found the one to one sessions hugely valuable. Liz helped me understand some of my idiosyncracies, my motivations, and equally the things that turn me off and why. The understanding I have gained has helped me figure out a path in my mind and stopped my internalising thoughts so much and going round in circles. It’s been quite a liberating experience and has laid a solid platform for making positive change. I found the whole process a million miles away from a stereotypical “therapists couch” and got a funny and engaging person who threw down the right questions to get me thinking. Just what I needed.

James, Melbourne, Australia

Working with you has been; full of thinking faces, vulnerability, honesty, truth telling, awkwardness, cringing, crying, swearing, fear, fun, laughter, love, truth, acceptance, protection, unwavering support, kindness and friendship. It’s all of these things that have helped shape me into the person I wanted to be all my life but didn’t know how to be her. I feel free. I feel strong and I feel honoured to have met someone like you. I don’t think I’d be as gentle to myself if it wasn’t for your unflappable ability to just say, “Oi you, let’s crack on, shit is weird but I’m still here”. Money can’t buy that kind of support.

Bernie, London, UK

Liz creates an incredibly safe place to investigate what is going on for you. She asks all the right questions and holds the space for you when it’s getting a bit ugly. You don’t have those breakthrough unless somebody is experienced enough to let you be and process what’s going on for you. She’s the kind of person who’ll help you understand what’s really driving you.

Watch the rest of Amy’s video testimonial here on the right.

Amy, London, UK

I was using alcohol to numb out when I was feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope. I knew I had developed a bad habit and needed to know why. Liz, you asked the difficult questions that I would never have asked myself. You made it possible for me to see clearly why I was using alcohol. You didn’t let me avoid the truth. As a result I no longer want to drink. I loved your honesty and straightforwardness. I felt able to be completely vulnerable without the fear of being judged or feeling shame.

Helen, Scottish Borders, Scotland

I’m a therapist and I know how coaching and therapy works and I was worried you’d be a head-on-side- ‘How does that make you feel?’-er and I would want to punch you. I like you as a person and I loved how real you were with me and how I could be myself without worrying if you were judging me. Since working with you, I feel as though I know my inner landscape better and I feel less alone with my struggles. I’ll often hear your lovely northern voice pop up into my head asking straight to the heart of it questions about what I’m doing and why. I would definitely recommend your coaching. You’re like a Northern, amazon warrior queen and I would follow you into battle. You’re real, and funny and inspiring without being a cliché and I love what you offer to the world.

Lyndsay, Cambridge, UK

Our sessions made me address my past head on. I’ve realised the only thing holding me back is me and that my beliefs and the reality were not the same. Now I understand myself better I can address these things. At first, our sessions were exhausting, I’ve never thought so much. It was as though someone had turned on a light and I could see what I was doing clearly. You enable people to find their own answers by asking the right questions and prompting when necessary. I love your style, warmth and approach.

Nicky, North Somerset, UK

Your no bullshit approach means there is nowhere to hide, sessions are challenging without being uncomfortable and leave me feeling progress has been made. There’s always a lightbulb moment in every hour that changes things.

James, Cheltenham UK

“By the end of our sessions, I was able to make a big decision, a big change, and I feel like my confidence is back. Before our sessions, I was a little bit low and now I feel like, “OK! Let’s get going!”

Listen to Helen’s recorded testimonial below:

Helen, London, UK

As a result of your coaching I feel like I’ve shed layers. Like leaving off a heavy winter coat, but without feeling the cold. Without the weight of it I can move a bit quicker. I feel more agile. I liked and appreciated your honesty and your energy, the way you shared a bit of yourself, the kindness of your challenge. You asked me things I didn’t have the answer to and I’d never thought about. I’ve learnt loads from your coaching. I look at things from another angle now and often wonder what you would think about stuff. There have been massive benefits from hiring you. I haven’t had to go through this on my own. I always felt you were in my corner (and still do). The changes in my life since coaching with you have been many: Rethinking my future, setting off on a new path, going back to learning, rejoining the world in a better way, not needing to have the answer or be responsible for everything. I would recommend you without hesitation. In fact, I think you ought to be on some sort of prescription.

Karen, Leicestershire, UK

“I think if you’re sceptical about coaching, all the more reason to do it. When we started coaching, I laid in bed a lot hiding, binge ate, didn’t do any exercise, didn’t really like much about my life, cried a lot. And now, I feel like, I knew this person was in there, because I knew I’d been that person before, but pfff, probably not for like, 10 years. And I know it sounds really cliche, but I feel like I’ve got my life back.”

Listen to Anna’s recorded testimonial below:

Anna, Surrey, UK
Finding myself at a particularly challenging stage of my life, I was fortunate enough to know exactly who could help me. I’d met Liz years ago through our shared passion for running. Baffled about why I could run a decent marathon while struggling with the rest of life, she was my natural choice of coach. Our Skype sessions have been stimulating, searching, thought-provoking and fun, and I’m going to miss them (or sign up for more, in due course). It’s more about working out the questions than being told answers, but she’s left me better-equipped to deal with the future, and that’s exactly what I needed. And she helped the running, too.
Simon, Oxfordshire, UK
I love your honest and straightforward approach. The odd bit of swearing was really liberating. I love it that I felt you totally believed in me, more than I was believing in myself. It felt so good to have a cheerleader in my corner encouraging me on even when I was doubting myself. Having someone outside of my daily world who was available to listen to me, at times ramble on, about stuff that mattered to me was brilliant. To really feel heard and understood was so valuable. Coaching has helped me to see for myself that I am a really capable human being with a lot to offer the world.
Alison, Stroud, United Kingdom
Liz was always able to ask exactly the right questions to get me thinking about issues from a new angle. I was able to make connections I simply couldn’t have without her guidance and support – connections that completely changed my approaches to work, relationships and my future. So now I have this new understanding of myself but also the tools and skills to be able to question myself, stand back and see the connections.
Frances, London, United Kingdom
My time working with Liz has been nothing short of life changing. Through our relaxed, open and honest sessions, she has helped me find the tools to change toxic thought patterns and behaviours that I have been living with for decades. With her support and encouragement I have gone to those dark places and faced them head on. I feel lighter, more settled and focused than I ever have. I feel confident that I can now move forward, leaving old ‘stuff’ in the past, and am looking to a fulfilling and exciting future. I read a tag line on Liz’s website a while ago that said, “Coaching with me will make you unstoppable” and do you know what? She’s bloody well done it!
Rachel, Horsham, UK

You gave me buckets of confidence. Confidence you can’t buy. And you can’t fake. And as we say in French, you can’t find it under a horse’s shoe. You found it in me, I don’t know how you did but I am grateful. You are some sort of astral system, but I haven’t figured out which type yet!

Raph, London, UK
During our sessions, I was so at ease with Liz, I could be myself—and now I finally feel like ME after a long time of feeling stuck. I’ve challenged myself to do things that once scared me. I have a different outlook on life and feel positive, and I value myself more. There is still some work to do but feel I have the right tools to get through this. I’ve never been happier!
Cathy, Yorkshire, UK
Because of the work we have done, I feel as if I am in metamorphosis. You’ve given me information, inspiration and I have questioned my life path and who I really am. So thank-you, the work we’ve done has saved me. You have truly helped to change my life, to save my life, to free my real self.
Ange, The Borders, Scotland
When I started my sessions with Liz I didn’t understand how to live a more meaningful life, I only knew that I wanted one. I didn’t really “get” me, although I really thought I did. I expected answers to be given, solutions presented, a ready-packaged parcel of “Here’s what you need to be doing, now off you go”. Liz didn’t give me solutions, she asked me questions. She made me think about why I felt the frustrations that I did, to try and understand what I honestly and truly needed. It certainly wasn’t a direct path from A to B, more of a meander through unravelling why I thought and did the things I did. Then suddenly and without warning the fog cleared and I could see my way. It was so simple, and yet I had spent so long dismissing what was real for me, in the attempt to become what I assumed I should be, I had lost my way. Liz helped me find my way back to me.
Alison, Surrey, UK
Having come to life coaching not really knowing what to expect, but feeling a bit lost, I can now say it’s one of the most enlightening, empowering and fun things I’ve done. Right away, Liz puts you at ease, and from there the work begins. Throughout my sessions, Liz has helped me challenge my perceptions and see different ways to create small changes, that have a big impact on my day to day life. Things that I’d previously tried to ignore, I now face with more confidence and self awareness. Liz breaks things down into achievable life goals and at the end of each session you feel like you have a bit more control over the chaos of everyday life. New motto: Everybody should have a life coach!
Liz Goodchild Life Coaching reviewThea, New York, USA
After a bumpy few years I needed some help to understand why I felt the way I did, why I felt so stuck & trapped and why my career was leaving me so retched day after day. After a few sessions with Liz, and some pretty powerful questions/statements posed, I had clarity and felt a great deal of release from the pressures I had been bringing on myself. With Liz’s help I have been able to take some enormous steps forward that have brought me a sense of relief and helped me along the way with my own personal journey. Liz’s help has been invaluable in getting me to a happier place.
Matt, West Sussex, UK
I went to see Liz as I had a reached a stage in my life where I was completely stuck and felt ultimately lost. On my first and only meeting with her she made me face up to a few realisations about myself and my situation – a first for me. Liz somehow made me feel so at ease from the outright that I spoke about things I had never faced before. Liz gave clear, concise advice and knowledge with such ease and put the emphasis on ME setting the goals. She was the push I needed to face issues and get myself back on track. Without a doubt one of the best things I have done is seeing her.
life coaching client reviewSarah, Berkshire, UK
I contacted Liz for some coaching because I had some pretty daunting challenges coming my way and didn’t feel at all equipped to deal with them. Liz really helped me to get to the bottom of the anxiety, helping me to face it head-on. Liz also talked me through two techniques – one for managing the negative self-talk and one for managing my nerves about public speaking. I am still using those tools today! My sessions with Liz have provided me with a platform to grow both personally and professionally. If I become stuck again, I wouldn’t hesitate to book some more sessions.
Jayne, Plymouth, UK
I started working with Liz as I had a real feeling of being lost, and not knowing where to even start with what was wrong. In just two sessions Liz had helped me to identify and get to the core of some really deep seated issues, and connect them with the way I was feeling right now. Together we put together a clear plan of action and I never looked back. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Liz again.
Liz Goodchild Life Coaching reviewLindsey, Glasgow, Scotland

I had worked hard and carefully only to find that my successes weren’t fulfilling. Liz helped me to identify what my goals really were and why they were important to me. I took a step back from something I thought I wanted and this allowed me to take leaps forward in other areas of my life. Liz has a way of giving clarity and simplicity to situations that I had over-complicated. This helped me resolve them. Onwards and upwards.

Dan, London, UK

I went to see Liz at a time when I felt that I couldn’t enjoy the present, and was focused on searching for a relationship that continually seemed to elude me. I felt that I couldn’t get what I wanted, and was stuck in a cycle of negativity. Liz helped me realise that I needed to put down the ‘pressure bomb’ I was carrying around, and really think about what it was I was looking for. After three sessions, I felt more grounded, present and able to let go of the fear that was holding me back.

Sarah, London, UK

I had been looking at Liz’s website and blog for quite a while before I plucked up the courage to contact her. I had gotten to the point where I was boring myself with my grumbles about work and life and finally decided only I could do something about it. From my first session with Liz, I felt more empowered and focused and quickly started to see how I was ‘putting up barriers’ to my own success.  Fast forward to today, I now have a job that I love, am happy with me and I don’t apologise for who I am and what I do.  It’s also great to know that if I ever need a reality check, a gentle kick or a ‘yeah go girl’, Liz is around.

testimonial life coaching Liz GoodchildAmanda, Worcestershire, UK
Liz is so easy to talk to. She really helped me face a lot of things that were holding me back and got me to ask myself the questions I needed to answer. I now have a more firm understanding of what makes me happy and how I get there. I feel excited and re energised for life. Look out world!
Rehanon, Brighton, UK
I was expecting to have regular sessions with Liz as I had been having several unsuccessful sessions with other career coaches, and perhaps they had in fairness done some of the base work with me, but seeing Liz gave me a perspective from someone who was really upbeat and positive. And I felt the session was refreshing. I felt instantly supported by Liz and she really took time to make me feel listened to and say things out loud I hadn’t said to myself before. In particular she made me realise I had issues with decision making because of a couple of life moments where change had been a negative experience. Liz made me realise that this didn’t always have to be the experience. This attitude change made me more ambitious and so I took a big step in my life after just one session!
Kimberley, South West London, UK
I feel like such a different person from the exhausted, stuck person I was way back at the start of my sessions with you.
Jo, Huddersfield, UK
Liz has a super personality and empathy and the ability to help you look at situations in a completely different viewpoint, I would highly recommend Liz’s coaching.
Gill, London, UK
Liz is an exceptional coach and has been fantastic to work with. Her energy, warmth, and insightfulness has helped me find more clarity through a challenging time. Liz has helped me view things in a different way so that I could consider other possibilities. I felt heard, supported, and understood and under her enthusiastic guidance came away from each session with more confidence going forward and tools to achieve my goals. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone looking for a motivating, top-notch life coach.
Janys, Hampton, London, UK
I first contacted Liz when I felt lost, uncertain, low and slightly despairing of where my life was heading. Having no real idea of what life coaching was, I felt very at ease talking to Liz and could be totally open with her. Throughout my sessions, Liz has helped me to increase in self confidence, gain a different perception on life and make real progress in setting and achieving goals. Liz does not judge you and is incredibly positive, supportive, chilled out and patient. She will go the ‘extra mile for you’ and is genuinely interested in helping people. I always feel inspired and full of confidence after our sessions and feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to get to know and to work with Liz.
Stephanie, London, UK
Liz is a great listener; both focused and supportive. Her coaching style uses tools to help visualise a situation leading to decisions on the point of action. Together we set goals which were stretching yet achievable and she has given me the confidence to grow my new business knowing I had her wise words to guide me.
Kate, Hampton, UK
My life coaching sessions with Liz were thought provoking and really effective.They provided me with a different approach to the way I deal with my day-to-day life. I would highly recommend coaching!
Cheryl, London, UK

Change feels much scarier and far more daunting when you are alone with it, so it’s brilliant to have Liz alongside you throughout the project asking questions, listening, giving insights and the occasional well timed kick up the bum! It’s also a lot of fun. I enjoyed having the time and space to really dig deep into things and start to take action. I liked how our sessions could move between light-hearted and funny to very serious and deep in a matter of minutes, much like life itself. Whether there is something very specific in your life that you want to work on or just a general feeling of wanting to change things but not knowing where to start and feeling a bit at sea with it all, I would definitely recommend the Not Another New Year’s Resolution Project.

Natasha, East Sussex, UK

I approached Liz because I was feeling listless in my job. There was nothing glaringly wrong but things weren’t quite right either. I was sick of waking up in the mornings feeling unmotivated and overtired and knew that I needed to change something, but I wasn’t sure where to start. Over the course of 10 sessions, Liz helped me to work through the fog in my head and understand what I really wanted out of my work. It’s hard to put my finger on what exactly changed, but my outlook and approach feels totally different now. I have more confidence in my decisions and although I am pushing myself harder than ever before in my work, I don’t feel resentful of it in the same way that I did before. I was worried that a coach would look at my situation and tell me that I was doing it all wrong, that I should just give up, or accept that my life couldn’t feel the way I wanted it to if I wasn’t willing to make huge sacrifices in my lifestyle. Liz didn’t do that at all, and instead she helped me to realise how I could get the best out of my existing situation and make small tweaks so that within a few short months I now feel that I am living the life that I want to live.

Clare, Northamptonshire

I was not happy with my life. Once upon a time I was a very ambitious girl with dreams and loads of determination to accomplish them but somewhere along the way I had lost them. I had become ’stuck’ in a life I did not like, feeling unaccomplished and living passively. I turned to Liz for life coaching because I did not know where to start or how to get ’unstuck.’ Liz’ sessions offered a neutral and safe environment where I was able to explore and talk about my issues. Together we began to uncover the reasons why I had felt so ’lost.’ Just one (of many) things she helped me realize was that I am far too hard on myself and this created so much unnecessary suffering. Liz gently encouraged me to start small and make changes in my life that I could stick too. Liz is genuinely interested in helping her clients stop living a mediocre life and recreate the life they always wanted. It is certainly hard work but, in my opinion, it is well worth it.

Alisa, London, UK

Since the course, I’ve realised I want to be more honest with myself so I can identify what I do really want to change and what I am actual content with in life, rather than telling myself stories that things would be better/easier if this happened or that happened or that the only way to make the changes that I want is to win the lottery! Thank you so much for this course, Liz. It’s been brilliant.

Claire, London

Prior to signing up if been in two minds about whether to go back to counselling or to try life coaching. I chose the group session as I felt that life coaching would be more forward focused and proactive than my experiences of counselling. I felt like I’d had enough of looking back! The group coaching course helped me to be more focused on my future and how to work towards want I want in life. I really enjoyed your style and how you weaved in your humour and a sense of reality and how we can all experience life at times!

Cat, Manchester

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity I needed to stop and think about what direction my life is taking. It’s done me the world of good.

Emily, London

I want to say thank you so much for the course. I dithered for a seriously long time before signing up. But I’m so incredibly glad I finally did it. The sessions were brilliant. It felt so good to put myself first and focus on what I needed. It will sound like a cliché, but everyone should devote that small sum and relatively small amount of time to their own happiness and future. Having the accountability of a group session, both to you and to the others, forced me to show up properly and commit to the sessions. I don’t think the need for that accountability can be underestimated. Some of the revelations about why I feel the way I do were both very surprising (moments of “oh, that’s why I feel like that”) but at the same time so obvious (“well, duh” moments). It was great to have you help me see those things about myself to I can face them. It’s one thing to read about negative voices, but another to have you kindly and gently help me look at myself and find my own voices, and see how they apply to me. That was a real key part of the sessions for me, that assistance in application. Once again, thanks Liz.

Jen, Manchester

Your comment ‘There’s no power in waiting’ has made me make changes which I’ve been talking about for years but left the decision to change, and ultimately the power, in someone else’s hands. It felt good! What will I now do differently? Stop making excuses and wasting time waiting! To quote Axl Rose, “Get in the ring mutha f***er!” Thank you Liz! I’ll recommend the course to everyone!

Group Coaching via SkypeWendy, Manchester, UK

I’ve shifted from someone who couldn’t see beyond what I thought I “should” be. I’d previously shied away from thinking about what I wanted my life to look like: it felt dangerous and like a luxury I couldn’t afford. It also felt much safer to simply stay focused on the path I’m on, rather than dare to dream about what I may want. Your calls have given me a firm kick up the arse to realise that life is short and I want more. I want to be happy, and I want to have fulfilment and meaning in my life. Going through a process to realise not only what that is, but what it may look like a year on, is both revolutionary to me and hugely powerful. I’m already taking steps (frikkin scary steps but exciting ones nonetheless) towards what I now know I want more of in my life, and I feel lighter and more in power and exhilarated by that. I cannot thank you enough for giving me the nudges and dragging me through the discomfort to land in a place where there’s light and excitement about life.

Lisa, London, UK

Taking part in the Group Coaching via Skype course has definitely resulted in a change in my life. I have learned that it is possible to control and influence my thoughts and feelings, rather than them controlling and influencing me, which is the very thing that I had hoped to achieve. This has been something of a revelation because for a long time I have simply accepted unhelpful beliefs about myself. So far I have only implemented this new control in small ways, but I can see the potential for it helping me in much bigger ways, such as changing my self-perception. I appreciate that this will take practice and that it won’t be easy, but it is incredibly encouraging to now know and believe that it is actually possible. Thanks Liz!

Jen, London, UK

I’ve found the life coaching course really interesting and it’s been a great opportunity to take some time out to think about meaning, motivation and what we actually want out of life, instead of being busy doing things we might not want to do. I’d recommend the course to anyone who is feeling a bit unsettled but isn’t sure why, as I am now enthusiastic about approaching the future with a renewed outlook!

Laura, London, UK

I really loved the group coaching sessions with Liz, she’s got such a positive energy that enabled me to dig deep into my challenges without fear of the group environment. I came with a goal in mind but the exercises helped me get clear on many areas of my life! I’ve now got a good idea of where my values are and aren’t being met, and a great plan for moving forward.

Holly, London, UK

I’ve realised that I’ve held myself back because of ‘stories’ I’ve told myself that I used to believe were true.  I used to carry them round all day long and use them as an excuse not to try.  Now I know that these beliefs are bullshit I have opened up endless opportunities and I am SO excited about what the future will bring…..or more importantly what I can bring to my future.

Autumn, Yorkshire, UK

The coaching course has helped to lift the mist that was clouding my thoughts. Liz is great at helping you to unlock your mind and move forwards – the solution was staring me in the face but I was frozen by my own fears and confusion. The coaching course has made me see how I have been holding myself back.

Louisa, London, UK

Group coaching is a good way to set your first steps in the world of coaching: accessible and not too serious. But it still packs a punch.

Cora, Netherlands

Liz’s operates out of a combination of honesty, pragmatism, gentle firmness, compassion, and self-effacing humour, which are really effective.  I’m very autonomous and proactive about my self-development, but there is only so much I can do on my own, I’d got to a point where I needed someone detached and qualified to keep me accountable and help me keep perspective and gain clarity.

Katie, South West UK

I signed up for coaching because I felt I had settled into a life that was good enough, but that did not excite or inspire me – it all felt a bit blah. The weekly exercises and the homework have really helped me realise that there are things I can change to enjoy life more, but also that I don’t have to do those things I thought I should do. I didn’t really know how a group coaching course would work, but I found it really nice to have the support of others throughout the course – it is so helpful to hear how others are dealing with the changes they would like to make and to see others using the same exercises to make changes. And Liz did not push people to share things they were uncomfortable with sharing, so there is no need to worry about having to share!

Nicoletta, London, UK

I discovered Liz at a point in my life where fear was crippling and stifling me. The workshop with Liz was an eye-opener and a life changer for me. I’m not sure what I was expecting, having never experienced any kind of coaching before but she blew me away. Straight talking. Painfully honest. Empathetic. Open. Trustworthy. Wise. She provided a safe space for all of us to really look deep inside ourselves. Liz doesn’t have all the answers, what she does have and shares are tools to ask your own questions and find your own solutions. She isn’t here to save us, but helps us grow to be able to save ourselves. I can’t recommend Liz highly enough. Her support is second to none.

Daisy, Telford, UK

The guided writing sessions Liz led really hit home for me. She is an excellent speaker and commands a group’s attention easily and fully with her open and constructive approach. She would start off by sharing some guidance, maybe a personal story, or just getting us into the right frame of mind and then would ask us to write freely in our journals. We covered difficult but interesting topics that I am sure many of the others, like me, are still pondering.

Indra, London, UK

After attending Liz’s workshop, I felt as if the walls around me had collapsed. I felt fully free and able to release my fears that had been holding me back from being, well, me! I suffer from anxiety and have an extreme fear of public speaking. Even sharing this fear with the group was challenging for me. However, without sounding cheesy, I really felt like a different person when I left that day. The tools that we learned, combined with Liz’s teachings really made an impact to change my perspective and teach me that I can easily shake off this irrational fear. What really made the workshop for me was Liz’s raw passion and fire-starting motivation. Alongside her straight talking, no bullshit approach, Liz really is the best life coach I’ve come across in a long time. I would highly recommend this workshop if you too have a fear you need to release or if you even just have no clue what the heck to do with your life. You’ll leave with clarity, peace of mind and ready to go get your dreams.

Kirsten, London, UK

I was just emerging from a difficult 18 months which had seen enormous change in my life, and was struggling to start living and moving forward again. I thought Liz would help me to do that; what she actually did was teach me how to do it for myself. She showed me how to recognise, and let go of, the excuses I was making and the victim role I was desperately clinging onto. She encouraged me to look at what I want to achieve, and identify what was stopping me from getting there (spoiler alert: the answer was “me”). Liz is a real no-bullshit person, but she’s also compassionate and intuitive. I left her workshop feeling invigorated and empowered, and would recommend Liz’s coaching without hesitation.

Pauline, Scotland