We all have shit days.

We do.

They sneak up on us without warning – sometimes without any solid rhyme or reason – knocking us sideways into the funk of all funks. We suddenly lose all motivation for ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, we sulk, we judge others (and ourselves), and we let our feelings lead us, by the scruff of our necks, when making decisions – which, in my experience – never amounts to anything good. You know that feeling when you really wish you could turn back time, to that moment when you said that really stupid, dramatic thing to that person, and just tell yourself to take a breath instead of acting like a complete dick?


I’ve had a few of these days in the last week, and man, it’s like I lose an overview of all the good things in my life.

Yesterday morning, I woke up and decided enough was enough.

I reminded myself that I have a choice.

A choice to choose my mood.

And hey! If you’re now thinking, “Oh man, we’re losing Liz to some New Age woo-woo crap”, hear me out, ok?

Choosing my mood looked like accepting that, yes, I’ve been feeling pretty crappy the last few days, and that no, it’s ridiculous to just wake up and decide to be happy. Because, seriously, who the fuck manages that?

No-one, that’s who.

Instead, I just chose to do something for someone else instead. Something small, something that didn’t cost any money or a huge amount of time, but would hopefully make someone else feel really good.

And in doing so, so would I.

Because, if you think about it, how can it not feel good to do something good for someone else?

And so, here’s what I did yesterday:

1. I offered up my seat on the bus for a frazzled looking lady with lots of bags.

2. I thanked the man who made my coffee for me. Like, really thanked him, you know – looked into his eyes, smiled and said THANK YOU.

3. I emailed a friend and told her how much she meant to me.

4. I fed Harold, the stray cat who comes to my door every day for something to eat. But this time, I also picked him up and ruffled his little head. He purred and I’m sure if cats are capable of smiling, he did.

And so did I.

Now. Over to you.

What can you do today, for someone else?