“Life is simple, its just not easy”.

I don’t know who said that.

Someone wise, like Gandhi. Probably.

Or maybe not. Maybe it was just a normal, everyday person, like you and I.

We’re all figuring things out, aren’t we? We’re constantly learning and evolving and living our lives, one day at a time, moment to moment.

I think about a lot of stuff when I run.

I mull things over and work stuff out. Once when I was out running, I wrote this blog post and was so consumed by the words that tumbled out of my brain, that I ran to the local library and asked to borrow one of their computers so I could get it all down. The librarian laughed and waved me to a desk and I typed furiously on the keyboard for 15 minutes, hoping I wouldn’t forget anything.

When creativity flows, it really flows. Just like life or a really good run – the type that clears your head and sets you free.

I feel alive when I run, I fucking love it.

Running educates me

about myself

and about life.

Running is my answer to everything.

I can do difficult things – running taught me that.

If you can handle running for miles and miles and miles, you can get through anything in life.

Mental resilience is key. The mind gives up long before the body does.

During marathon training, we run for hours.

We push our boundaries and test our threshold.

We get faster




we become more and more capable.

If we stayed within the safe enclave of what feels comfortable, we’d probably run for a mile or so and then stop.

But we don’t

because we know that what’s out there, beyond our conscious, just out of reach, is ours for the taking. We only know what it will feel like, what we will see, what we will learn from it, once we actually get there.

It takes sheer determination and confidence in ourselves to do that.

We runners can do anything.