Have you ever wondered who you are?

I mean ever really wondered who you are?

Beneath the façade of your haircut and your shoes, your accent and accessories, what differentiates you from someone else?

Each morning I look at the calendar on my wall, some days remain blank, and I breathe a sigh of relief, ‘I don’t have to be anyone today’.

On autopilot, I drive my car to work, passing row after row of expressionless people. They too sit in their metal boxes on wheels, their minds an endless hamster wheel of the same.


Maybe my brain fell out today. A yellow post it note reminds me to buy bread and milk on the way home.

Are we all alike?

How do you know that the old man you walked past last night wasn’t thinking the exact same thing as you? Maybe his wiry beard and tired blue eyes deceived you, his heart belongs to the younger man he once was, hope once prevailed, directionless but driven to stand out; to be remembered as someone other than the man he’ll one day become.

We get up every day, uncomfortable in our own skin, for we are our one and only vehicle to make it through till tomorrow, so what’s driving you?

Organic molecules, a whole load of them, built solid like a dry stone wall, a human tower, stacked with gaps in between, such tiny voids packed with conversations with your co-worker, running in the park and hanging up your washing.

Tomorrow is the same as yesterday, the earth keeps revolving, you find a photo in your notebook, you know her eyes and you know her smile, they once belonged to a world you knew, everything changes yet still stays the same.

Have you ever wondered who you are?

I mean ever really wondered who you are?

Start thinking. Maybe.