You have an idea.

A dream.

A goal.

And when you think about it, you feel a heady connection of excitement and nerves and “Oh! Wouldn’t it be brilliant if!” and joy! All the joy! All the butterflies! All the woohoos! All the running around your house whooping like a deranged monkey in just your pants! All the waheys! All the glee! All the enthusiasm! All the exhilaration!

And then you talk yourself out of it. Ugh.

You pull the handbrake.

You get scared.

You start making excuses.

You hesitate.

You think you can’t do it.

You believe there’s no way it’s actually going to be possible…..


I’m writing this today to tell you that you can do it.

Your idea/dream/goal is possible.

It can happen.

Know why? Because I’m surrounded by people who also had an idea, a dream, a goal.

That they made happen.

Like my friend Kate, who, despite having a really rough time of it recently, created and launched a brand spanking new copywriting course for small businesses.

Or Carly, who combined two dreams together. The first to renovate a house and the second to live in the sun. When her marriage broke down and they sold their marital home, she used her share of the equity plus some additional savings and bought some land with a house, terraces and the most amazing views, in Catalonia. And just look at the house and the terraces and the views! Oh my!

Or my client, ‘K’ who has always dreamt of owning a camper van due to her love of tiny spaces, and her realisation—as she approached a ‘special’ age—that what really makes a life fully lived is experiences and not things. And so…… she bought herself a camper van. She’s now busily planning a trip to Skye at Easter to see the fairy pools and amazing mountains. 

Or my other friend Laura, who gradually quit her job as an editor, retrained in something completely different and is now the proud (and awesome) owner of her own running coaching business.

And then there’s my partner, Kristin, who designs websites in-between helping me run around after our awesome son. The first website she designed was mine, five years ago (there have been many iterations since). Starting out, she had no knowledge of HTML or code or any other fancy-schmancy website-creating skills and yet she had bags of enthusiasm, a willingness to learn and an acceptance that she would make mistakes. Despite having zero social media presence or doing little marketing, she has a waiting list as long as my arm. 

Or how about my former client, ‘L’ who, despite not fully believing in her brilliant talent and creativity, recently applied for an MA in children’s book illustration at Anglia Ruskin University. And was accepted.

Rachel, Kiera and Paula, 3 incredibly kind and thoughtful people in my private Facebook group all ran races, despite at one point believing that running that kind of distance was an absolute impossibility.

My big-hearted friend Josie, who has just been cast in a really interesting play. A play that began as a simple idea between a group of friends who wanted to use their different nationalities as a way to open doors and start conversations between other people who might have preconceptions about that culture.

My client, ‘C’ who, during a visualisation exercise at my workshop in Manchester last year, saw a scene from her future life in such full colour and animation, that she could even describe the smallest details. Fast forward 6 months, and through a small stroke of chance and a huge dose of taking action, she applied for, and landed, an amazing role at a wellness retreat. A wellness retreat that has a website with a photo on the homepage that is the exact same scene she saw in her future life vision at my workshop, just months before. Spooky.

Then there’s my friend Nicole, who, tired of listening to podcasts talking about the same old stuff, decided to start her own. Real Talk Radio has had over 950,000 downloads and she’s interviewed all kinds of people who dive into the truth of what’s really going on in their lives. One of those people was me. While we’re on Nicole, last year she also walked 460 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail. Despite having an all-out fear of sleeping in the wild, hiking alone, pooing in the woods and being eaten by bears.

Or how about my friend Emma and her husband, Chris, who decided enough was enough with their busy London lives and careers, and so packed everything up, put their belongings in storage and took a year off to visit Florence, Venice, Rome, Goa, Bali, Paris, Skiathos, Santorini, Nice, Tuscany, Scotland, London, Sienna, Menton, Antibes, Portofino and Monaco! While travelling, Chris painted and Emma taught and practised yoga. You can check out Chris’s beautiful and awe-inspiring art here and more about Emma and her thoughtful musings about life and yoga here.

My client, James, passionate about running and concerned about the stigma around male mental health, was recently accepted by UK Athletics as a Mental Health Ambassador. As well as promoting the benefits of running for emotional health, James also hopes to provide a totally safe and judgement free environment where men can exercise and talk (if they wish) and be supported.

And then there’s J.K Rowling, of course—someone I do not know in person (but I would like to)—who in her own words, “Was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless”—and yet took a chance on 3 chapters of a book she’d written about a boy called Harry Potter, sending them to numerous publishers. For a meagre $4,000, Bloomsbury eventually bought the rights to Harry Potter. And the rest, is well, history. Harry Potter went on to become the most successful book and movie series of all time.

Still think your idea, dream or goal is impossible?

Think again.


p.s. If you’ve got all the ideas and intentions in the world, and yet when it comes down to it, you just can’t get out of your own way to get started, this is for you. Part of my upcoming course will teach you how to break down your big idea into small, daily actionable steps that will actually get you to your goal easily and faster (and minus the overwhelm). I’ll also teach you some simple, easy habit tools—that effortlessly slot into your life—that will keep you moving with momentum. Book your space here.