Maybe you want to lose 2 stone, or run a sub-3 marathon, or earn £20,000 more than you do right now, or get your article published in a magazine, or meet an amazing partner, or find a new job, or actually just focus less on external validations and feel content washing the fucking dishes without your brain trip-switching to EVERYTHING ELSE.

And it’s not happening. Or it’s kind of happening, but not quite as fast as you want it to be happening.

So you give up. Your interest wanes. You start putting less effort in. You begin to question whether you really wanted it in the first place, because if you did, you wouldn’t feel like this, right?


The reason you feel this way is because you want it now.

Now, now, now.

And here’s the thing: You’re not going to get what you want right now.

Because what you want takes time.

And patience.

And the guts to push through the resistance of wanting to jack it all in and to keep going.



Keep going.

It’ll be worth it.


ps: I’m over on Facebook now. I promise I won’t post too many photos of my cat (even though she is rather awesome).