Summer will soon become all but a distant memory; a colourful carousel of sunshine, showers and rainbows. Long, gentle evenings and green, flourishing trees make way for late afternoon sunsets and a hue of red, orange and brown.

Flocks of featureless, black squawking birds fill the sky like a giant arrow-head as they make their way to sunnier climes. White, mallow-soft mushrooms appear here and there; I kick them as I run by, splattering directionless chunks like paint to a canvas.

Candles flicker, their flames dance amongst their shadows on the wall, steam swirls from my mug of soul-warming hot chocolate and the garden floor has become a welcoming host to a carpet of black fruits that fall from the clutches of the surrounding trees.

This morning I felt it, the sharp freshness of a near-October morning; it hovers, just out of sight, ready to swoop the summer days under the arm of its cool cloak for another year.


My favourite season.