You know what? It’s ok to not know what. To not have the answers. To have a messy life, a messy mind, messy hair. It’s ok to not like a certain person, to not have to analyse why you don’t, you just don’t. It’s ok to one day feel like you’re on top of the fucking world, and the next day for everything to feel a bit grey and weird. It’s ok to be weird, to not feel like you totally fit in. I repeat, it’s ok to not fit in. It’s ok to not WANT to fit in. Relish in your difference, in who you are, all complicated and contradictory.

It’s ok to not like certain types of exercise. It’s ok to say, “You know what? Running/swimming/yoga/CrossFit/insert exercise here”, just isn’t for me. It’s ok to not agree, it’s ok to have an opinion, it’s ok to not have an opinion. It’s ok to sit on the fence, it’s ok to stand loud and proud on your soapbox. It’s ok to laugh, even when no-one else is, or cry, or feel nothing. It’s ok to have your very own, unique view on life, even if that view doesn’t reflect that of your parents, or your partner or your friends. It’s ok to want incredible things for your life, even if those incredible things don’t seem so incredible compared to people who you consider to have a more incredible life than you. It’s ok to not always feel incredible.

It’s ok to get angry and irritable and anxious. It’s ok to feel your feelings. It’s ok to not always know what to say and do and act. It’s ok to feel frightened and lost and small. It’s ok to push your limits and boundaries. It’s ok to challenge yourself to do things you think you can’t do. It’s ok to feel the best version of you while challenging yourself to do things you think you can’t do, even when those around you think you’re crazy or obsessed or should just sit down and have a cup of tea instead. It’s ok to prefer your own company, to sit in the library with a book instead of in a bar with your friends. It’s ok to prefer the company of others, to sit in a bar with your friends instead of in the library with a book.

It’s ok to be vegan or eat meat or chocolate or sugar or wheat. It’s ok that you sometimes silently judge others; we all judge, we’re human, we judge, we do. It’s ok to smile at strangers on the bus. It’s ok to make eye-contact with strangers on the bus. Or not. It’s ok to covert-ninja-style avoid your neighbour at the supermarket, because you’ve had a shit day and you haven’t yet cleaned your teeth even thought it’s 3pm, and you just don’t want to fucking talk in the canned vegetables aisle. It’s ok to stay in your pyjamas all day long. It’s ok to not want to earn lots of money. It’s ok to really not like dogs, or cats or babies or the gherkin on a McDonald’s hamburger.

It’s ok.

To be you.

And it’s ok for me to be me.

We’re all ok.

Ok. Good.