I’ve been giving this a lot of thought recently. I’m noticing more and more just where I’m spending my time. I sit a lot in front of my laptop, Skyping with my brilliant coaching clients and writing, writing, writing. Sitting in front of my laptop, however, also means getting lost in YouTube wormholes and Facebook and oh man, if I’m not on my laptop, my phone is in my hand and I’m scrolling through Instagram like a wild woman. And so, with this increasing awareness, I deleted Instagram last week, and I now make a real effort to limit my time on Facebook. I’ve also figured out how to meditate each day – after years of dabbling – without wanting to stab myself in the brain each time I start getting distracted by random thoughts. I’ve also been walking each day to get some fresh air. I went for a walk today with my mother-in-law. She barely speaks English and well, my German is still pretty basic. We managed to talk though, about the birds we saw as they flew over our heads and the trees that grow on the sides of the path we were walking on. She picked a plum and an apple straight off two of them and and ate them right there and then. It made me laugh.

My daily walks fill me up emotionally and creatively in a way I’ve never experienced before. Maybe it’s the air out here in the country, or maybe it’s because I am consciously slowing down and taking the time to notice things. To notice just how I CHOOSE to spend my time each day. I’m becoming more and more aware of just how precious life is. Of how it zooms by and God, another year is nearly over and how did that even happen? I’m tired of being so over-stimulated and doing a thousand things at once, because really? It’s just not possible to do a thousand things at once. I’m not a robot. And neither are you.

Maybe it’s time for us all to s.l.o.w down a little, huh?