Say yes more. And if you can’t say yes, just do a little nod.

Crying into my Patatas Bravas, she reached for my hand over the table and squeezed it. "Just say YES, Liz, to, like, everything!" That was the advice from a wonderful friend of mine. We were sitting in a bar one evening, the table full of wine glasses and plates of tapas and greasy napkins. My heart was broken and I was feeling lost and fucking terrified and everything else that crashes in when a relationship screams to an end. Just. Say. Yes. To, like, everything. Erm. No. To everything. No. No. No. I was in a NO place and that's [...]

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Me and my meditation cushion.

I've skirted around the idea of meditation for several years now. I've given it a go plenty of times but for some reason or another, I've never really GOT it, you know? I'd sit, for thirty minutes or so, literally wanting to rip my own head off, completely overwhelmed with all the thoughts racing through my mind. The thoughts I believed I shouldn't be having that went like this: "I am so focused right now and oh, this feels so great, I'm meditating and hmm, maybe I should also do more yoga and drink green tea and I really need to add [...]

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How to do difficult things.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. I know I bang on about it a lot. But for a good reason. From running ultra marathons to quitting my 9-5 and working for myself to moving to another country, I wouldn't have done any of these things If I hadn't got comfortable being uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable 70% of the time these days. And when I say uncomfortable, I'm not talking about discomfort that is emotionally or physically dangerous, or just plain stupid. I also don't mean that I walk around, day-to-day with a troubled expression on my face, not enjoying life and constantly pushing myself to [...]

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Have you noticed this too?

I slide further and further down my chair. Dreading the moment another person enters the room. Another person who is late. I'm sitting third row from the front. I'm at a leadership and development seminar. I never sit in the front row. Do you? The last time I sat in the front row of anything, I was four. First day at school. Sitting in assembly. I remember we were singing 'Puff The Magic Dragon' and I was messing around with a pencil. The headmaster dragged me from where I was sitting and made me stand facing the wall in front [...]

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I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

I'm talking about my bullshit excuses. And I've got hundreds of them. How many have you got? I spent the last weekend moping around in my pyjamas. There were tears. There were also some very angry runs, especially up the hill back home. I hated that hill. I've been feeling sorry for myself because I feel lonely. I went to a wedding last Friday. My first German one. There were probably 400 people there, I've never been to such a big wedding. I sat there, on this long wooden bench looking around at everyone drinking beer and having a good [...]

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I had a bone to pick. With a city.

It was pretty stupid. To be angry with a city. Well, maybe not angry, but let's just say I had some big feelings going on with Manchester. Manchester is my home city. A city I turned my back on. I was always running away from it, you see. From all sorts of stuff. But mostly me. I did not like who I was when I lived in Manchester. And living in other countries, other cities, made it easy to disconnect somehow, to not have to face up to life and all that had happened in my past. Manchester was the place my [...]

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If you do this, you’ll never get what you want.

I sprained my ankle last September. A bad sprain. I couldn't walk properly for 8 weeks, and running. Ha. Running didn't happen for months and months and months. I saw a physiotherapist regularly during my rehabilitation. He gave me ankle strengthening exercises to do each day as well as stretches and standing on one leg, re-remembering how to balance and a stepping forward thing with a thera-band thing and God knows what else. I had a list. To do: 3x a day, 15-30 repetitions. At first, I followed the exercises religiously. I was motivated. I wanted to run again. And [...]

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Do you do this too?

You know when you've got a bill to pay, or a form to complete or a dentist appointment to make, and you put it off? You put it to one side. "I'll do that tomorrow/next week," you tell yourself. But you never do. We kind of do that with our lives, don't we? We wait. For the right moment. For The Motivation to arrive like a green light: GO. For the children to get a little bit older. For the mortgage to be paid off. For the weather to change. We kid ourselves. "When I've lost the weight, I'll start [...]

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How begging a magazine editor taught me a lesson about life.

It was 2012. I was lying on my living room floor, flicking through a copy of Women's Running Magazine when I saw the feature. "Going to miss your long runs now your marathon training is done? Then maybe, just maybe, ultra marathoning should be your next goal." I didn't even really know what an ultra marathon was. A quick Google search delivered pages and pages of 50 and 100 mile adventures over mountains and along rivers and in exotic locations all over the world. There was no maybe about it. In that moment, with only 1 full marathon under my belt, I [...]

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Der, die or das? My move from the UK to Germany

I've been in Germany exactly a week today. It's been uplifting, and exciting, and heartening, and I-can't-believe-we're-actually-here-and-we're-doing-this-ing. It's also been fucking terrifying and hard. I don't speak German. Well, I can get by, but I'm far from fluent. It's isolating. To not fully understand conversations, to feel really small and pathetic when I'm standing in a supermarket reading the ingredients on the back of a packet, trying to figure out whether it's vegan or not. Simple stuff, you know? But stuff that can feel heavy and frustrating and way out of my depth. It's a familiar feeling, being way out of my depth. I always jump in [...]

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