Positive thinking is bullshit.

A popular snippet of advice out there in the self-help world is to think positive thoughts. Which I think is a load of old bollocks. Now, I am all FOR getting curious about your thoughts and what you say to yourself all day long - did you know we have over 60,000 thoughts a day? Because, really, if you're a negative ninny-type, this means that ultimately you're inflicting yourself with 60,000 pretty shitty thoughts. Which is far from good. Thinking positive thoughts is the obvious antidote to this, right? To think 60,000 lovely thoughts instead. Makes sense. But in reality, [...]

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Thinking about starting something new? Here’s the straight-up, behind-the-scenes truth of what you’re probably going to experience. 

A few weeks ago, for some reason I still cannot fathom, I got the urge to 'do up' an old 1950's kitchen cupboard that belonged to Kristin's Oma. It's been sitting in the barn for years gathering dust. At first, I considered asking a local carpenter to sand and paint it, but then I figured I could probably do it myself. And so, for the last 10 days, I've been holed up in the barn in our garden - in between looking after our kiddo and coaching clients and writing and swimming - sanding and sanding and sanding and painting and painting. I learned [...]

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Just jump.

  "Don't think about it. Just jump!" My fourteen year old niece is standing on the edge of the top diving board. I don't know much about diving boards, but I know it's high. She peers over the edge of the board, one hand grips the metal safety bar to the side of her, the other rests on her stomach. She looks over to me and my sister, treading water in the pool below. "I can't do it!" She shouts, "I'm scared." "Just jump, come on! You can do this!" She shakes her head and steps back, hands grappling the [...]

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How we spend our days is how we spend out lives ~ Annie Dillard

I've been giving this a lot of thought recently. I'm noticing more and more just where I'm spending my time. I sit a lot in front of my laptop, Skyping with my brilliant coaching clients and writing, writing, writing. Sitting in front of my laptop, however, also means getting lost in YouTube wormholes and Facebook and oh man, if I'm not on my laptop, my phone is in my hand and I'm scrolling through Instagram like a wild woman. And so, with this increasing awareness, I deleted Instagram last week, and I now make a real effort to limit my time [...]

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A temper tantrum, a ferry terminal (and a lesson in being more human).

"Do you want me to go and buy him some chocolate, love?" I'm hunched over my 7-month old son, my hands holding his, trying to steady him as he has an all-out tantrum. We're waiting in a ferry terminal, looking out over the giant boat that we'll board for the next 12 hours, taking us from the ferry port in the UK back home to Germany, via Holland. He's wailing and throwing himself to the ground, and honestly? I've had enough. Kristin, my partner has also had enough. We're tired, having spent two weeks on the road, staying in different [...]

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You can’t polish a turd.

I took this photo earlier, during lunch, when I got up from my desk and wandered outside, through the garden and onto the yard. And woah! The leaves and the Autumnal colours and the way the logs are all stacked against the wall caught my breath. My first thought was how grateful I am to live where I live. To have chosen to be here, despite all the fears and doubts and uncertainty about selling up and not staying on the London property ladder. My second thought was, "I'll take a photo of this and put it on Facebook". Why? Because [...]

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What’s your hurdle right now?

The 50 metre outdoor swimming pool in our village, the one I've been swimming in all summer, closed a few weeks ago. There's an indoor swimming pool in the same village that's just opened, but hmmmm, it's very small and, well, there seems to be a cultural difference between UK and German swimming etiquette. (GERMAN PEOPLE, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SWIM IN A STRAIGHT LINE, HUH?. UP AND DOWN. IT'S EASY!) After some serious Googling, I've found another pool a few towns away and on certain days, they have sessions allocated for swimmers who are training. I really want to [...]

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On being scared.

Recently, I've realised that I spend a lot of time feeling scared. Really scared. About lots of things. About most things. I used to see being scared as weakness. That I was pathetic. That there was something wrong with me. Not anymore though. It's normal to be scared. Scared out of your mind. To experience resistance about doing something or saying something or going somewhere or changing or trying or doing or not doing. Being scared is a good thing. It is. Know why? Because where there is fear, there is courage. Courage is never far away. You can't have [...]

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I’m sick of reading articles about how to ‘hack’ life.

My friend, Katie, is swim-coaching me at the moment, in the lead up to my 5-mile lake swim in 2016. I taught myself to swim last year, and well, I've got a lot to learn when it comes to technique and breathing and swimming with efficiency. I've just been kind of getting in the pool and going for it, and it's been ok so far actually - more than ok - I think I'm a pretty strong swimmer and naturally good at it, but you know, I could be a whole lot better. Especially when I'm 4 miles into a [...]

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Your brain doesn’t know the difference between being attacked by a sabre-toothed tiger and turning down that second piece of cake.

It still boasts the same physical makeup as our ancestors, you see. And, ok, we do have a much more developed prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain that allows us to reflect and consider, but by and large, it's pretty similar to how it was way back then. And back then, our brain had one key driver: To survive. To do this it worked on a very simple process. Avoid pain and seek pleasure - which Freud later went to town on when developing his 'Pleasure Principle'. Of the two, avoiding pain, such as being mauled by a wolf [...]

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