Running and friendships

I get by with a little help from my friends - John Lennon The year of 2012 arrived just 6 days ago, and already, I’m up to my eyeballs in marathon running schedules, Pilates and healthy eating plans, all in preparation for my 4races4cities project. My first race is only months away, and the panic-button in my head has seemingly activated.  See, I missed over two weeks of planned training, due to a horrible cold and then a bout of gastroenteritis over the festive period and now, my fitness is a shadow of its former self. My first run, a [...]

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The post where I write about my Mum and death, probably cry a bit and then beg you for money. Not necessarily in that order.

Apologies for this being a long post. I tried to condense it, but then thought ‘bahh, fuck it, let em’ read’. Saturday was the International Day of Suicide Survivors. When I first heard the term ‘suicide survivor’, I figured it was used to describe someone who had failed suicide, y’know, took shit-loads of pills, but clearly not enough, or totally missed when they drew the gun to their head, and instead shot down the vase of flowers on the table next to them. But no. ‘Surviving’ a suicide means something completely different. A suicide survivor is an individual who has [...]

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