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If you're waiting for someone to come along and hand you a golden key that will gently unlock the door to your dream job, you're going to be waiting a long time. There is no golden key, you know. But there's still a door, and you're going to have to hammer it down with emails and letters and phone calls to land that job (as well as a strong self-belief that you can nail anything and everything you put your mind to). Because you can. You have hundreds of words inside your mind and if you let go a little, [...]

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An audio interview with Laura Fountain, aka Lazy Girl Running

For most of you, Laura needs no introduction. She's the voice behind the popular running blog, - as well as her book, The Lazy Runner - and a journalist, specialising in women's health. Laura is also a very close friend to me, and the co-founder of our business, Write This Run. I wanted to interview Laura because she always inspires me to go after what I want in life, and I learn so much from her. Whether it's signing up for an Ironman while still not being able to swim very well, having her book published (and having the [...]

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I think my cat is a sociopath

The other day, I spent a ridiculous amount of time lying in bed, drinking coffee and diagnosing my cat with a variety of mental health disorders, courtesy of WebMD, because that's how I roll. The WebMD site boasts a plethora of information about health and medical news, and in their very own words, they are trustworthy and credible. I bet. Unconvinced with their offerings, I moved on to Google, and typed in, 'I think my cat is mental', where lo and behold, I was swiftly offered an abundance of websites clambering for my attention. I scrolled through pages and pages of results, feeling [...]

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An open letter to the people who keep Googling Sofia Vergara, and land on my blog as a result

Dear the people who keep Googling Sofia Vergara, and land on my blog as a result, I am sure you are feeling a little bewildered right now, I can hardly blame you. One minute you're typing 'sofia vergara naked', into the Google search box, an overwhelming hullabaloo of trepidation clinging to your every fibre, and then WHAM, you land, face first, in the whirling dervish of this blog. Instead of discovering a tantalising treasure chest full of all things Sofia Vergara, you are now knee-deep and sinking in a swamp full of words about depression, my childhood fear of E.T and the death of Amy Winehouse. I'm sorry.  I am fully aware that I [...]

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My severe fear of E.T.

I have recently become obsessed with Lovefilm, and I profess to spending a disproportionate time on their site, mulling over the next DVD I'd like to view, and generally creating a list of movies that I blatantly won't watch - their mere presence in my rental list serving solely as a channel for me to feel all cultured and smug, whilst I surreptitiously stock up on a slurry of candy-pink, brain-cell-obliterating shite. Today, as I mouse-clicked away (rent, rent, rent, rent) on some dubious educating movies, I suddenly came upon an advertisement for the most disturbing, traumatic and horrifying film EVER. People, the image above evokes the most [...]

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This was supposed to be a post laced with overwhelming poignancy and gratitude, but then I got distracted by Googling and it all went to shit

So, recently, upon deciding that half-marathon distances aren't quite cutting the mustard or motivating enough for me anymore (I can detect your eye-rolling from here - don't worry, I hate myself more than you for my sheer smugness), I signed myself up for the Greater Manchester Marathon, which takes place on the 29th April 2012. Subsequently, I have started to up the ante on my running training, and have spent the past few weeks suffering from headaches, blisters, exhaustion and mouth ulcers. My immune system has received a metaphorical kick in the balls. Not fun. But totally worth it. I think. As part [...]

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You suck, Facebook

After some extensive deliberation, namely due to my fear of being lambasted as a total hypocrite, I finally decided to publish this blog post about Facebook, and my opinion that, in general, social networking sites really fucking suck. I have a Twitter account, a Myspace and a Facebook page. And I have no idea why. The first two, I barely use; I can't even remember the log in details for Myspace; my profile page just sits there, 'virtually' collecting dust, cast aside like a box of unwanted memories. I sporadically use Twitter; mostly to cyber-stalk my favourite bands and bloggers, but I rarely tweet anything, mainly [...]

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Dear Dad

Dear Dad, Today is Father's Day in the UK, oh, and in Afghanistan, Trinidad & Tobago, the Philippines, Cuba. Hungary, China, Pakistan and approximately 55 other countries around the world. Not that this makes it any less special for you, Daddio, as you are, by far, my favourite Dad in the whole wide world. Wikipedia's definition of Father's Day states that this yearly festivity celebrates "fatherhood and male parenting, and typically involves gift-giving, special dinners to fathers, and family oriented activities". Due to lack of disposable income, and more notably, a 180 mile distance between us, there won't be any giving of gifts, [...]

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I don’t think I have ever witnessed the selling of poultry in a petshop

Yesterday, whilst rifling through the dusty box of childhood memories that I store under my bed, I found a dog-eared envelope, home, for god-knows-how-many-years, to a yellowing piece of carefully folded paper. Proficiently typed upon the yellowing piece of carefully folded paper was a story. A story crafted by a very young me. Points of interest: Overall, I think my grammar and spelling is highly proficient for a young un'. Just sayin'. The main character Owen, is called Owen Owen. Which is awesome! And slightly odd. Ellen Owen wanted to buy a hen from the petshop. I don't think I have ever witnessed the selling of [...]

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