31 days ago,

a new year cracked open, it beckoned, reached, motioned and asked us, “What do you have to offer to the world this year. To yourself?” 

What was it that you silently declared, journaled, whispered softly, voiced to higher powers, told your best friend, confessed to the mirror, roared from the rooftops?

Was it to…

Lose weight.

Spend less time online.

Spend more time with family.


Let go of that friendship.

Run a mile.

Run a marathon.

Run an ultra marathon.

Write a memoir.


Cultivate compassion and emphasise empathy.


Call Grandma once a week.


Eat cleaner.

Travel to at least 10 countries.


Make amends.

Listen more. I mean really listen. To others. To myself. 

Grow tomatoes this summer.


Re-connect with your inner child – the one who hurts, the one who feels shame, the one who is ignored and vulnerable.


Love: More. Myself. Others. Life.

How’s it going for you? Is your heart already stirring? Is your mind a’movin’ with new journeys and passion and efferent fire? Have you stepped forward daily with courage and soulful focus?

Yes? Then keep on going – lead your way, continue to captivate your true essence.

If the answer is no, or hmmm kinda, or wellll, not quuuite, I’m here to say that it’s ok.

It’s ok, you hear?

Go carefully,

but start today. And every day.

Build from the foundation, re-commit and re-settle.

Ground yourself and find your feet.

Straight back, chin up, voice strong.

Say it again. Declare what you have to offer to the world this year. And to yourself.

Do what you say you are going to do.

Right now.

Be accountable.

I’ll start.

This year, I want to offer to the world, and to myself:

Success; in love, creativity, happiness and business.

To continue to eat clean and plant-based.

To re-kindle my passion for reading and yet stop buying every book I see. I have enough. At least for now. (I vehemently believe you can NEVER have enough books).

Authenticity; to speak the truth, to show my truth, to be my truth, even when faced with adversity and judgement from others.

To accept myself for who I am and accept those around me for who they are.

To continue to dare greatly, to push through my comfort zone and take big leaps. (Makes my heart race just thinking about it. In a good, wiiiiild way).

How about you? What do you want to offer?