You know that thing you want so much for yourself, for your life?

The weight you want to lose or gain, or the new career, or the telling the truth more often and saying what you mean instead of being all passive aggressive and sighing loudly when you get home from a long day to find they still haven’t unloaded the dishwasher, or the joining the gym and actually going instead of making excuses all the blimmin’ time as to why you can’t? You have everything you need to just start. Right now. You always did. It was always there. And you didn’t have to wait until January 1st 2016 to start doing that thing (not that you did wait because pfffffff, resolutions).

Starting something is shit-scary, isn’t it?

And because starting is shit-scary, we tend to avoid starting. It’s easier that way, because then we don’t have to know what it might feel like to get to the end, wherever the end may be, and have royally messed up or failed or maybe not even got anywhere close to the end and well, that would be frustrating and disappointing and people might think things about us that we don’t want them to think. You know, things like, “I KNEW she’d not manage to quit smoking. How many times has she tried now? 7? Ha!”, and “As if he’s got the balls to quit his job. He’s been with that company for 14 years. He’ll be there ’til he retires, just you watch.”

And so, ugh, it’s much easier to not start.

To listen to the excuses and the reasons and your mum and best friend, who secretly don’t want you to start either, because then that might mean that they’ll have to confront their own shitty excuses and reasons as to why they haven’t started that thing they keep gibbering on about doing each time you see them. Ever noticed that when you decide to stop drinking or you opt for a salad instead of a side of chips, everyone around you starts treating you like a total sanctimonious weirdo and telling you ALL THE REASONS why they’re still drinking and ordering a side of chips?

(Side-note: It has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them).

You don’t have to not start though, you know.

You can start that thing you want to do. Your brain won’t explode, nor will your mum or your best friend. And neither will your life, even if it will feel a bit weird and clunky and uncomfortable for a while.

You can start. Right now.

Even though it’s the first month of the year- the year you so want to be better than the last.

You can start. Right now. Just start. C’mon, be honest with yourself. What is it that you want to start doing that you’re currently not?

Here’s to your year (and feeling less exhausted and uncertain), because blah doesn’t look good on anyone.