Are you ready to feel calm, content and completely unstoppable?

Good! You’re in the right place.

You know you desperately need to make some kind of change but don’t know what, or how. (Related: You’re also absolutely petrified of change).

You’re full of energy and beard-stroking insight when someone else needs advice, but when it comes to you and your life, you draw a blank.

You’re constantly waiting—for next Monday to roll by, for New Year’s Eve, to feel more ‘settled’, to pay off the mortgage—before making changes in your life.

You’re living a life that on the outside looks like you have it all, but in reality you’re feeling on good days just fine and on bad days totally numb.


Because without actually taking the time to understand why you’re not doing anything about changing, it’s like trying to ride a horse that only has three legs.

You’re not gonna get very far, my friend.

If you don’t know why you’re spinning your wheels at work, rolling your eyes at the whole wide world, or wanting to bang your head against the nearest wall—don’t worry. Wanting to change is enough, and coaching with me will get you there. (There’s a lot of big-hearted, no-nonsense guidance included. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

I’m a therapist and I know how coaching and therapy works and I was worried you’d be a head-on-side- ‘How does that make you feel?’-er and I would want to punch you. I like you as a person and I loved how real you were with me and how I could be myself without worrying if you were judging me. Since working with you, I feel as though I know my inner landscape better and I feel less alone with my struggles. I’ll often hear your lovely northern voice pop up into my head asking straight to the heart of it questions about what I’m doing and why. I would definitely recommend your coaching. You’re like a northern, amazon warrior queen and I would follow you into battle. You’re real, and funny and inspiring without being a cliché and I love what you offer to the world.
Lindsay, Cambridge, UK

If you’re tired of:

Feeling all over the place with no idea of where to even begin to change things up.

Constantly waiting—for next Monday to roll by, for New Year’s Eve, to feel more ‘settled’, to pay off the mortgage—before making changes in your life.

Always replaying in your head some really shitty things that happened in the past… no matter how hard you try to not think about them.

Spending most of your time and money buying things in the hope that a holiday or a new pair of shoes or a bottle of wine will give you the contentment and excitement you desperately want to feel.

Constantly setting goals and achieving amazing things and yet feeling……..flat.

Sitting at a desk everyday in a career that regularly makes you want to stab pencils into your eyes.

Not having a clue what actually makes you content in life anymore, other than mainlining boxsets on Netflix and…….wine?

Wanting the world to just fucking stop for a moment so you can lie down and have a nap.

Feeling blah.

If you’re ready to:

Feel more at ease ease, calm and alive in your life.

Dig in and get to the heart of your unrest and apathy, and more importantly, change things up.

Feel more in-tune with yourself and find that you can make decisions with ease.

Be able to say no (and mean it). And say yes (and mean it).

Learn how to be yourself in a world that you feel wants you to be anything but.

Boot the obstacles—the ones that have been getting in the way of you making changes in your life—right up the bum.

Feel more certain, more settled and more focused than ever before.

Get really clear about what you actually want from your life and your time on this planet.

Feel more relaxed and accepting about people and situations, instead of over-analysing and getting caught up in drama.

Feel less overwhelmed and anxious, with lots of space to move around in your brain.

Stop life passing you by and take responsibility for what comes next.

Then let’s talk.

Book yourself in for a free introductory call via Skype.

This session will give you a taste of what coaching is like with me and help us make sure we’re a good fit. Here, we can also discuss which coaching package is best for you.

If you’re not actually interested in potentially working with me, and you just fancy a free coaching session, please, please, please don’t click the button, it’s bad juju.


As a result of your coaching I feel like I’ve shed layers. Like leaving off a heavy winter coat, but without feeling the cold. Without the weight of it I can move a bit quicker. I feel more agile. I liked and appreciated your honesty and your energy, the way you shared a bit of yourself, the kindness of your challenge. You asked me things I didn’t have the answer to and I’d never thought about. I’ve learnt loads from your coaching. I look at things from another angle now and often wonder what you would think about stuff. There have been massive benefits from hiring you. I haven’t had to go through this on my own. I always felt you were in my corner (and still do). The changes in my life since coaching with you have been many: Rethinking my future, setting off on a new path, going back to learning, rejoining the world in a better way, not needing to have the answer or be responsible for everything. I would recommend you without hesitation. In fact, I think you ought to be on some sort of prescription.

Karen, Leicestershire, UK

My time working with Liz has been nothing short of life changing. Through our relaxed, open and honest sessions, she has helped me find the tools to change toxic thought patterns and behaviours that I have been living with for decades. With her support and encouragement I have gone to those dark places and faced them head on. I feel lighter, more settled and focused than I ever have. I feel confident that I can now move forward, leaving old ‘stuff’ in the past, and am looking to a fulfilling and exciting future. I read a tag line on Liz’s website a while ago that said, “Coaching with me will make you unstoppable” and do you know what? She’s bloody well done it!

Rachel, Horsham, UK

Let’s make your life feel better than it does right now, shall we?

By working together via Skype during hour-long sessions, we’ll dig up the roots of what’s keeping you stuck. What to expect? A huge, heart-warming shift in your life with bags of encouragement, support and some firm kicks up the bum from me. Coaching explores who you are—so that you can fully understand why you do and think the things that you do—while looking at what you actually want from your life, what’s going on inside your head and most importantly, how you can start making changes that don’t have you heading for the door.

Through our sessions you’ll find the balls—and the gall—to do the things you’ve always thought you couldn’t. And that’s a lot easier when you have someone who’s been there, right beside you, on what might just turn out to be the best decision of your life. Hint: You’re a matter of months away from a future that’s going to tilt your world on its axis.




Having come to life coaching not really knowing what to expect, but feeling a bit lost, I can now say it’s one of the most enlightening, empowering and fun things I’ve done. Right away, Liz puts you at ease, and from there the work begins. Throughout my sessions, Liz has helped me challenge my perceptions and see different ways to create small changes, that have a big impact on my day to day life. Things that I’d previously tried to ignore, I now face with more confidence and self awareness. Liz breaks things down into achievable life goals and at the end of each session you feel like you have a bit more control over the chaos of everyday life. New motto: Everybody should have a life coach!

Liz Goodchild Life Coaching reviewThea, New York, USA

After a bumpy few years I needed some help to understand why I felt the way I did, why I felt so stuck & trapped and why my career was leaving me so retched day after day. After a few sessions with Liz, and some pretty powerful questions/statements posed, I had clarity and felt a great deal of release from the pressures I had been bringing on myself. With Liz’s help I have been able to take some enormous steps forward that have brought me a sense of relief and helped me along the way with my own personal journey. Liz’s help has been invaluable in getting me to a happier place.

Matt, West Sussex, UK

Frequently asked questions.

There’s a whole page for that over here.

Think about all the things we’ve used to try and feel better: expensive holidays, pricey cars, steep mortgages, spur-of-the-moment shopping sprees, extravagant meals with a few too many cocktails—and the list goes on and on. While they look good and shiny on the surface, they’re all an attempt to feel a certain way—to feel better about who the hell we are and the life we’re living.

Yet people are scared to invest in coaching, likely because coaching is such an incredibly brave and courageous thing to do. It’s saying, “I’ve had enough of this.” It’s proclaiming, “I’m determined to make a change that lasts.” And it’s shouting, “No, I want more from life than this bullshit.” Let’s be real: holidays make us feel good, but they only last for two weeks a year. On the other hand, coaching gives us those same good feelings, but for life.

If you’ve signed up for a billion ‘Change Your Life, in 3 Steps!” ebooks (and not bothered to read them) or if you’re sick to the back teeth of feeling out of whack in your life, aware that you’re squandering your potential and frustrated as you watch everyone else move forward with their lives while you’re not, coaching is for you.

For most people, the very reason they’re drawn to coaching (because they’re feeling half-hearted about life and indecisive) is the very reason that keeps them from deciding whether to actually get coaching! To help you with your decision, let’s talk! Coaching is a little bit like buying a pair of shoes, let’s make sure that my coaching is the right fit for you. If, at the end of our talk, I’m not the coach for you, there’s no strings attached, we simply say our goodbyes and that’s it—no drama. (I won’t send any cringe-worthy, sales emails afterwards either, and that’s a promise). Book your free introductory call here.

Reading about how other coaching clients found their coaching experience might also help you to decide. You can do that by clicking here. If you’re still not sure, read this.

I work with people who, on the outside, seem and look completely put together—and yet on the inside, they’re struggling. Sometimes, my clients know why they’re struggling, and other times the reason for their struggle needs some gentle digging.  My clients are wise and understand themselves well enough to know that the apathy and frustration they feel isn’t something that can be helped by a glass of wine or binge-watching shows on Netflix all day long, and it’s not something they can “just get over”. Most of all, my clients recognise that something needs to change in order to feel better about their lives, and they’re ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

I’m probably not for you if: You’re expecting coaching to be a quick-fix, 10 step plan process. It’s not. Coaching with me goes deep—it’s a safe place for you to show your fascinating and messy and complicated humanness. I don’t sugar coat shit. Moving forward means straight-up honesty from me, and I pinky promise that getting underneath the excuses and digging into the real stuff is the ticket to helping what’s hurting you. I’m probably not for you if you’re expecting me to do all the work for you. I put everything I have into the coaching process and I expect my clients to do 100% the same.

Coaching probably won’t work for you if you’re paralysed by fear and won’t take risks, even small ones. And it won’t work for you if you’re not willing to take action based on what we discuss.

You have to be ready and serious about making change. I know that sounds funny, but you’d be amazed at how many people are NOT ready to get what they really want in life. Comfort zones are called comfort zones for a reason. Most people aren’t willing to step outside of what’s familiar and comfy, even though they’re unhappy and frustrated right where they are.  Also, for most people, the very reason they’re drawn to coaching (because they’re feeling half-hearted about life and indecisive) is the very reason that keeps them from deciding whether to actually get coaching.

I get a lot of emails from people enquiring about what kind of coach I am, and how I intend to help.  I love these emails! They give me a chance to lay out the ground work, because while I’m good at what I do, I’m not actually for everyone. And since I always want the best for my clients, let me slap the facts on the table: I don’t sugar coat shit. Moving forward means no-holds-barred honesty, and I pinky promise that getting underneath the excuses and digging into the real stuff is the ticket to helping what’s hurting you. Pleasantly nodding along would be doing you a huge disservice, right?

I’m a certified coach, recognised by the International Coach Federation and the Association for Coaching—which basically means that the Gods of the coaching world know that I know my stuff. I draw from a range of psychologically-grounded coaching frameworks, philosophies and techniques. This means that I don’t use any questionable manifestation techniques and will never, ever guarantee you an overnight six-figure income from working 2 hours a days on a beach in Bali. (Remember how I promised I’d never lie to you? I’ll never lie to you.) I’m hopeful, but not delusional. This just means I work with reality, and if you’ve got a mortgage and 3 kids, I won’t tell you to quit your job to become a full-time knitter of tiny hats for squirrels. Instead of expecting you to shake it all up, throw out stability and dive into the centre of a volcano to find yourself, we’ll work with what you’ve got and make changes that’ll put you back in charge of your life. Beyond the qualifications nailed to my wall though, I’ve learned how to help other people lead better lives through the lessons I’ve learned by living my own. From wanting to stick pencils in my eyes while sitting at the desk of my 9-5 in a corporate career that stifled me, to running ultra-marathons, to moving to a country I didn’t speak the language of—with a 4 month old baby in tow—I know that daily life can be fucking hard. But I also know that we can do hard things.

Also: I don’t edit myself. I swear when I write and I sometimes swear during coaching. Bottom line? I’m the same person online, offline, and in a karaoke bar. (And who doesn’t love karaoke bars?!) You’ll get all of me, all of the time.

Ready to work with me?

Life coaching is all about you and changing your life for the better—it’s within your reach, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. More often than not, you just need some help and guidance to decide what it is that you actually want, explore your resources to understand what you have to work with, make a plan and start making things happen. And that’s a lot easier when you have someone who’s been there, right beside you, on what might just turn out to be the best few months of your life.

What to do now

  1. Book yourself in for your free 35-minute introductory Skype call. This session will give you a taste of what coaching is like with me and help make sure we’re a good fit.
  1. In our 35-minute session, we’ll get to know each other and you can ask all the questions you have about coaching and how I can help you (bring tea/coffee). We’ll discuss coaching packages and prices as well as a start date (that’s if you want to work with me!)
  1. If we’re a good fit and ready to get this show on the road, you’ll follow an easy, 5-minute booking process to fill in some information, make your payment and book your first session.

My coaching packages start at £497.