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Hello! Ready to make some changes? Send me a message in the form below. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours and that’s a promise.

People also tend to arrive here because they have a question for me. These answers might just help.

How much does your coaching cost?
My coaching options & prices are available here.

I’m not sure if coaching is for me? How do I figure this out?
For most people, the very reason they’re drawn to coaching (because they’re feeling half-hearted about life and indecisive) is the very reason that keeps them from deciding whether to actually get coaching. Clicking here might also help you to decide. If you’re still not sure, read this.

Can I just say hello and ask you something?
Please do!

Is it true that you’re scared of E.T, the cute little alien from the film?
Yes. Several years ago, I even wrote about it.

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