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Me and my meditation cushion.

I've skirted around the idea of meditation for several years now. I've given it a go plenty of times but for some reason or another, I've never really GOT it, you know? I'd sit, for thirty minutes or so, literally [...]

Have you noticed this too?

I slide further and further down my chair. Dreading the moment another person enters the room. Another person who is late. I'm sitting third row from the front. I'm at a leadership and development seminar. I never sit in the [...]

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

I'm talking about my bullshit excuses. And I've got hundreds of them. How many have you got? I spent the last weekend moping around in my pyjamas. There were tears. There were also some very angry runs, especially up the [...]

I had a bone to pick. With a city.

It was pretty stupid. To be angry with a city. Well, maybe not angry, but let's just say I had some big feelings going on with Manchester. Manchester is my home city. A city I turned my back on. I [...]

If you do this, you’ll never get what you want.

I sprained my ankle last September. A bad sprain. I couldn't walk properly for 8 weeks, and running. Ha. Running didn't happen for months and months and months. I saw a physiotherapist regularly during my rehabilitation. He gave me ankle [...]

Do you do this too?

You know when you've got a bill to pay, or a form to complete or a dentist appointment to make, and you put it off? You put it to one side. "I'll do that tomorrow/next week," you tell yourself. But [...]