You have permission to fuck up.

5 years ago, when I was training as a coach, part of the very drawn out accreditation process involved submitting taped recordings of 'practice' client sessions for assessment. I failed the assessment. I was nervous, bumbly and new to coaching [...]

How to stop eating and drinking so much shit.

The singer, Kelly Clarkson, once gazed wistfully into the distance, and uttered these profound words of wisdom: “When I die, I want to die with a cookie in my belly." Throw in a few guzzles of booze, and you have [...]

I am dying. You are too, by the way.

I spent last weekend training in existential coaching—learning more about how to help answer the profound and often confusing questions so many of us have about life: Why am I here? What does it all mean? Life is so short, [...]

Towards not away.

I found a new trail this morning. I've never ever noticed it before, despite it branching off from a trail I run on at least 3 times a week. I don't know why today was the day that I noticed [...]

You are enough.

You are enough. I bet you’ve seen that somewhere before, haven’t you? Probably on Instagram. Or Facebook. A pretty picture emblazoned with the words, “You Are Enough”, in a really cool font with a blurred out background of a very [...]

How to stop freaking the fuck out so much.

It's Sunday morning. Last Sunday morning, to be precise. I'm swimming in the local pool. I want to get a good hour of swimming in before the day ahead. The day ahead involves being naked. And sitting in a sauna [...]

If you’re struggling at the moment, this is for you.

Feeling stuck, bored and “is this it?” is shit with a capital S, right? I know it well. It’s that dull feeling in your head. It’s the numbness, the frustration, the inertia, the overwhelming spiral of just not knowing what to do but knowing you [...]

Maybe you’re not a weirdo after all.

My friend sent me a card the other day. On the front it says, "All up in the club like I want to go home." It made me laugh. It's me all over. I've never really enjoyed parties. By 10pm I'm eyeing [...]