If you’re struggling at the moment, this is for you.

Feeling stuck, bored and “is this it?” is shit with a capital S, right? I know it well. It’s that dull feeling in your head. It’s the numbness, the frustration, the inertia, the overwhelming spiral of just not knowing what to do but knowing you [...]

Maybe you’re not a weirdo after all.

My friend sent me a card the other day. On the front it says, "All up in the club like I want to go home." It made me laugh. It's me all over. I've never really enjoyed parties. By 10pm I'm eyeing [...]

About that lake swim last weekend.

Around mile 4, I wanted to swim to the shore of the lake and get out. The lake was choppy. Far choppier than anything I'd swum in before, and I started to feel sea (lake?) sick. Every time I raised [...]

For you, especially if life’s feeling a little rough right now.

Harvesting season is coming to an end here in rural Germany. Since our move here, well over a year ago now, I have become keenly aware of each season and the way village life weaves around and through the year's rhythms. Seasons [...]

Just ask.

Growing up, I remember regularly being told how much I was loved—mostly by my Dad. It's a Goodchild family thing. We tell each other that we love each other, whether it's spoken or via text or a message on Facebook. [...]

Tick, tick, tick goes the to-do list.

"What happens when everything is done on the to-do list? Do we go home?" The eighteen year old, fresh-out-of-college company junior asked his new team. His colleagues, one of them my partner, Kristin—who'd spent years and years working for the company—rolled [...]

Stop, collaborate and listen.

I know that people stay in relationships that are not working anymore, because once upon a time, they said "I promise" or "I do", and they daren't go back on their word. I know that people sit behind desks everyday, [...]

The pursuit of crappiness.

People often ask me things like, "Why can't I get my shit together to do things I know will be good for me, Liz?" Or, as my friend Emma once questioned, "Why do humans put what they love to do—and actually want [...]

You think you’re the only one.

"Why, are you some special snowflake or something?" I saw the palpable relief wash over my client's face as we laughed about what I'd just said. We all think we're pretty special don't we? And, no, I don't mean 'special' [...]

The space between what is, and what could be.

"I don't think you should swim, Liz." This was the advice my Dad gave me two weeks ago. Advice that I ignored. We were sitting in my Nanna's house, on the eve of the Great Swim, an open water race in my [...]